MISM-2017 - 7th Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism

July 1-5, 2017, Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)


This special issue of EPJ Web of Conferences contains contributed peer-reviewed papers from the 7th Moscow International Symposium on Magnetism MISM-2017 held at the Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), on July 1-5, 2017.

This international meeting of scientists working in magnetism and related areas has been held every three years after the first Symposium in 1999. During the past years MISM grew from the local workshop to the largest international conference on magnetism in Russia. The number of participants and the scientific level of contributions make MISM one of the representative conferences on magnetism in the world.

There were 1131 registered applications to participate in MISM-2017, 886 scientists have attended the Symposium and presented more than 900 contributions accepted by Program Committee. MISM-2017 scientific program consisted of four working days and included 10 plenary lectures on the most actual topics in modern magnetism, up to 11 parallel sessions every day where 383 talks have been given, and relevant poster sessions with almost 500 presented contributions.

The scientific program of MISM-2017 included all of the most interesting and relevant areas of modern physics of magnetic phenomena and materials which were presented from the hundreds of scientific research groups. To give the plenary talks the world leading scientists were invited from Germany, France, Spain, UK, the Netherlands, USA, Russia and Japan, they shared their outstanding expertise and overviewed the advanced research ideas and projects. In addition to expectedly large number of participants from Russian Universities and Institutes, more than 200 colleagues from 34 countries have participated in Symposium. The most numerous delegations were represented by Germany (48 participants), Japan (27 participants) and France (22 participants). There were 9 colleagues from former Soviet Union countries (from Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan).

More than 260 manuscripts have been submitted as Proceedings of MISM-2017. After a rigorous peer-review process, about 200 manuscripts were accepted for publication in two volumes - special issue of Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (Elsevier) for invited and selected papers and this open access volume of EPJ Web of Conferences for regular contributions.

The Organizing, Program and International Advisory Committees would like to thank all participants for their valuable contributions that made this meeting remarkably successful. We also would like to thank the session chairpersons and invited reviewers for their cooperation and assistance, which was essential for the high scientific quality of MISM-2017 program and Proceedings, as well as EPJ Web of Conferences team for experienced editorial support. We acknowledge the funding provided by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) and appreciate the organizational support from Lomonosov MSU and Faculty of Physics, expressing our gratitude for provided facilities and conference venue.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that the success of Symposium would not be possible without operative work of Local Organizing Committee. We highly appreciate the enthusiasm and reliability of students from MSU Faculty of Physics and Moscow Technological University MIREA as well as our friends and colleagues who perfectly handled their assigned tasks working as one well-coordinated team.

We hope you will read the papers from this volume of EPJ Web of Conferences with interest and pleasure, which we had while editing it. In addition, we would like to invite you to attend our next Symposium MISM-2020 (see https://mism.magn.ru).


MISM-2017 Organizing Committee Co-Chairman
Prof. Dr. Nikolai S. Perov
Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov MSU, Moscow, Russia
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MISM-2017 Organizing Committee Secretary
Dr. Anna S. Semisalova
Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov MSU, Moscow, Russia
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Organizing Committee


A. Vedyaev
A. Granovsky
N. Perov


A. Semisalova

International Advisory Committee

Chairman: V. Sadovnichy

S. Bader (Argonne)
M. Barandiaran (Bilbao)
A. Buzdin (Bordeaux)
Ching-Ray Chang (Taipei)
B. Dieny (Grenoble)
M. Farle (Duisburg)
A. Fert (Orsay)
D. Fiorani (Rome)
D. Givord (Grenoble)
J. Gonzalez (San Sebastian)
B. Heinrich (Burnaby)
B. Hernando (Oviedo)
M. Inoue (Toyohashi)
X. Jin (Shanghai)
D. Khmelnitskii (Cambridge)
D. Khomskii (Köln)
C. Lacroix (Grenoble)
S. Maekawa (Tokai)
D. Mapps (Plymouth)
S. Ovchinnikov (Krasnoyarsk)
S. Parkin (Halle)
Th. Rasing (Nijmegen)
H. Szymczak (Warsaw)
V. Ustinov (Ekaterinburg)
M. Vazquez (Madrid)

National Advisory Committee

Chairman: N. Sysoev

V. Berzhanskii
M. Chetkin
A. Fedyanin
D. Khokhlov
N. Kreines
A. Lagar’kov
S. Maleev
S. Nikitin
S. Nikitov
R. Pisarev
V. Prudnikov
A. Saranin
V. Shavrov
A. Sigov
A. Vasiliev
V. Veselago
N. Volkov
A. Zvezdin

Program Committee

Chairman: A. Granovsky

Secretary: A. Semisalova

M. Acet (Duisburg)
B. Aktas (Gebze)
A. Andreev (Prague)
B. Aronzon (Moscow)
N. Bebenin (Ekaterinburg)
D. Berkov (Jena)
V. Chernenko (Bilbao)
M. Chshiev (Grenoble)
S. Demokritov (Münster)
E. Gan’shina (Moscow)
A. Kalashnikova (St. Petersburg)
O. Kazakova (London)
V. Khovailo (Moscow)
Cheol Gi Kim (Daejon)
A. Kimel (Nijmegen)
A. Kirilyuk (Nijmegen)
K. Kugel (Moscow)
G. Kurlyandskaya (Ekaterinburg)
X. Li (Singapore)
A. Michels (Luxembourg)
V. Novosad (Argonne)
Yu. Pastushenkov (Tver)
N. Pugach (Moscow)
A. Pyatakov (Moscow)
A. Radkovskaya (Moscow)
Yu. Raikher (Perm)
V. Rodionova (Kaliningrad)
A. Rogalev (Grenoble)
K. Rozanov (Moscow)
E. Shalygina (Moscow)
E. Shamonina (Erlangen)
A. Smirnov (Moscow)
L. Tagirov (Kazan)
M. Yamaguchi (Sendai)
A. Zhukov (San Sebastian)
M. Zhuravlev (Moscow)
V. Zubov (Moscow)
K. Zvezdin (Moscow)

Local Committee

Chairman: N. Perov

N. Abrosimova
Yu. Alekhina
V. Bessalova
S. Granovsky
E. Gan'shina
M. Khairullin
A. Kharlamova
I. Kovaleva
S. Koptsik
O. Kotel'nikova
A. Kudakov
Yu. Kurbatova
A. Loseva
L. Makarova
L. Mironova
S. Norina
E. Pan'kova
N. Perova
V. Prudnikov
M. Prudnikova
A. Radkovskaya
I. Rodionov
T. Rusakova
N. Ryzhanova
A. Semisalova
T. Shapaeva
N. Strelkov
D. Svirin
V. Tyablikov
E. Shalygina
V. Zubov