EPJ celebrates 15th anniversary (June 2013)

EPJ 15th anniversary logo

The European publishing partnership for physics, The European Physical Journal (EPJ), celebrates its 15th year in 2013.

During this time, EPJ has launched new open access titles, either in response to the emergence of new research fields at the interface between more established subjects, or to fill obvious gaps in the EPJ catalogue. After the early launches of EPJ Web of Conferences (the open access proceedings repository) in 2009 and EPJ Photovoltaics in 2010, 2012 witnessed the launch of EPJ Data Science. This year, three new journals are about to join them: EPJ Nonlinear Biomedical Physics, EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation and EPJ Quantum Technology. EPJ is also pleased to see EPJ C – Particles and Fields lined up for conversion into a fully open access journal under SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics).

In addition to these journals and in keeping with its commitment to raising the profile and impact of research in new emerging fields, EPJ has accurately identified and addressed other specific needs in the scientific community. The first example is EPJ Special Topics, launched in 2007 as the successor to Journal de Physique IV. The journal publishes only complete special issues and has rapidly reached an impact factor of 1.56. It is designed to address highly interdisciplinary topics, technical summary reports from research networks, and selected review-style theses of outstanding quality. A further example of a successful renewal is EPJ Plus, which serves as EPJ's general physics journal and moreover seeks to provide further insights into previously published work through the detailed documentation, verification and critical assessment of data and results.

The overall strategy of EPJ is to use its solid basis in the physics publishing landscape, i.e., its established sections EPJ A-E, to further develop the EPJ brand as a framework for the participating partners to launch new (open access) journals.

For more information please read this text written by the EPJ Steering Committee that has just been published in Europhysics News.