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The 20th International Conference on Strangeness in Quark Matter (SQM 2022)

The international conference on SQM (Strangeness in Quark Matter) is one of the mostly efficient and attractive conferences, which are being currently held in world class, for the experimental and theoretical physicists studying the role of the strange and heavy flavor quarks in high energy heavy-ion (nucleus-nucleus) collisions and in astrophysical phenomena.

The SQM 2022 took place during June 13 - 17, 2022 in Busan, South Korea. It was held mainly in-person since SQM 2019 in Bari, but also via online as well for some participants from the countries yet under pandemic situations.

This is the 20th edition of the conference series following the previous SQM conferences as below:

The conference is focusing on the following scientific issues:

  • Strangeness and heavy quark production in nuclear collisions and hadronic interactions
  • Hadron resonances in the sQGP (strongly-interacting Quark-Gluon Plasma)
  • Bulk matter phenomena associated with strange and other heavy quarks
  • Strangeness in astrophysics
  • QCD phase structure
  • Collectivity in small systems
  • Open questions and new development

Hosted by the Heavy Ion Meeting (HIM) members and the Pusan National University in Republic of Korea (South Korea) and sponsored by 7 national and 10 international organizations, total 362 participants (134 in-person and 228 via online) from 41 countries enjoyed the recent experimental and theoretical developments with social programs such as the reception dinner, the public lecture ‘Dr. Strange’ and the conference banquet.

Warming up with the 4 on-line lectures in theory and experiment for students on Sunday (June 12), 9 experimental and 6 theoretical plenary talks introduce the most updated results on Monday. Total 107 parallel talks in 4 topical sessions are narrowly but smoothly proceeded on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The 35 plenary talks categorized into 5 specific topics (bulk, light/heavy flavors, resonance, detector and others) are presented on Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning. Finally, the 3 extended summary and prospect talks are given by senior experts (Nu Xu, Berndt Müller and Peter Braun-Munzinger) with active questions and discussions. The poster session was held exceptionally only in on-line booths on Tuesday late afternoon.

As a chair of the SQM 2022 conference, I sincerely appreciate the LOC members, the ROC members and the IAC members for their devotion to the successful conference. The next SQM 2024 will be held in Strasbourg, France and the next-to-next SQM is decided by the IAC meeting to be hosted by UCLA in U.S.A. in 2026.

Feb. 2023
Chair, In-Kwon Yoo (Pusan National University)
On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee



In-Kwon Yoo (Chair) Pusan National University
Byungsik Hong (Co-Chair) Korea University
Su Houng Lee (Co-Chair) Yonsei University

International Advisory Committee

Joerg Aichelin SUBATECH Nantes, France
Federico Antinori INFN Padova, Italy
Francesco Becattini INFN Firenze, Italy
Marcus Bleicher HFHF, Germany
Peter Braun-Munzinger EMMI/GSI, Germany
Helen Caines Yale University, USA
Andrea Dainese INFN Padova, Italy
Domenico Elia INFN Bari, Italy
Laura Fabbietti Technical University Munich, Germany
Marek Gaździcki Kielce University, Poland
Paolo Giubellino INFN Torino, Italy
Boris Hippolyte University of Strasbourg, France
Sangyong Jeon McGill University, Canada
Alexander Kalweit CERN Geneva, Switzerland
Kangseog Lee Chonnam National University, Korea
Maria Paola Lombardo INFN Firenze, Italy
Christina Markert University of Texas at Austin, USA
Berndt Müller BNL and Duke University, USA
Grazyna Odyniec LBNL, USA
Alexander Sorin JINR Dubna, Russia
Horst Stöcker FIAS/Goethe University Frankfurt
Joachim Stroth University of Frankfurt, Germany
Fuqiang Wang Purdue University, USA
Nu Xu CCNU, China
Zhangbu Xu BNL, USA
Pengfei Zhuang Tsinghua University, China
Huan Z. Huang UCLA, USA
Wojtek Florkowski Jan Kochanowski University, Poland
Claudia Ratti Houston University, USA
Tetyana Galatyuk GSI, Germany
Mei huang GUCAS, China
Dennis Perepelitsa Colorado University, USA
Cesar Da Silva Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Chihiro Sasaki Wroclaw University, Poland
Azwinndini Muronga Nelson-Mandela University, South Africa
Xin Dong LBNL, USA
Lijuan Ruan BNL, USA
Yen-Jie Lee MIT Cambridge, USA

Regional Organizing Committee

Sadhana Dash Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India
Heng-Tong Ding CCNU, China
Shinichi Esumi University of Tsukuba, Japan
Taku Gunji University of Tokyo, CNS, Japan
Tetsufumi Hirano Sophia University, Japan
Masakiyo Kitazawa Osaka University, Japan
Lokesh Kumar Panjab University, Chandigarh, India
Feng Liu CCNU, China
Bedanga Mohanty NISER, Bhubaneswar, India
Subrat Pal Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India
Victor Roy NISER, Bhubaneswar, India
Kenta Shigaki Hiroshima University, Japan
Qun Wang University of Science and Technology of China, China
Yaping Wang CCNU, China
Yifei Zhang University of Science and Technology of China, China

Local Organizing Committee

In-Kwon Yoo (Chair) Pusan National University
Byungsik Hong (Co-Chair) Korea University
Su Houng Lee (Co-Chair) Yonsei University
Sungtae Cho (Sci. Secretary) Kangwon National University
Minjung Kweon (Sci. Secretary) Inha University
Eunjoo Kim Chonbuk National University
Yongsun Kim Sejong University
Youngman Kim Institute of Basic Science
Chang-Hwan Lee Pusan National University
Sanghoon Lim Pusan National University
Dong Ho Moon Chonnam National University
Seungil Nam Pukyung National University
Inkyu Park University of Seoul
Jinhee Yoon Inha University

Special thanks

Special thanks to all members who helped review the papers submitted to these proceedings.

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