EPJ Web of Conferences Highlight - EOSAM 2023: European Optical Society Annual Meeting

EOS Annual Meeting, EOSAM 2023, brought together photonics experts.

The European Optical Society Annual Meeting, EOSAM, took place in Dijon, France from 11th to 15th September 2023, organized by the European Optical Society and La Société Française d'Optique. EOSAM is a major international scientific conference covering all aspects of optics and photonics. It is attended by over 500 attendees: top researchers, key leaders, students, and industry experts.

As an integral conference on photonics in Europe, EOSAM has always provided a valuable opportunity for presenting and discussing work, stimulating contact between colleagues, from young researchers to seasoned experts. EOSAM is where research meets industry and education.

EOSAM this year included nine topical meetings and several special sessions. The main topics covered Silicon Photonics and integrated optics; Adaptive and Freeform Optics; BioPhotonics; Nanophotonics; Optical Materials; Nonlinear and Quantum Optics; Optical frequency combs; Ultrafast Optics; Applications of Optics and Photonics.

The conference included focused sessions on Optical fibers; Structured light, Chiroptical phenomena, and AI in photonics. Special sessions were organized for Early-Stage Researchers, EU Project Dissemination, on Opto-electronic Nanotechnologies and Microsystems, in addition to an industrial optics podium session and industrial technologies and systems session.

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