ND2016 - International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology

Bruges, Belgium, September 11–16, 2016

ND2016 is the primary conference for the advancement of nuclear data in the interest of both science and technology. It addresses all important active fields of investigation: fundamental nuclear physics, astrophysics, nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, nuclear non-proliferation, safeguards and arms control.

Data characterizing nuclear structure, decay modes and reactions are of paramount importance in many fields of research and application. Design studies, safety analyses, interpretations of tests, benchmarks and experiments as well as the need to address fundamental questions in both basic science and applications rely on good quality nuclear data. Significant progress is being made towards more comprehensive in-depth physics modelling through improved computing and data handling. Access to good quality nuclear data is a well-recognized pre-requisite for such successful analyses and reliable predictions.

Establishing high quality nuclear databases tailored to the needs of very diverse fields of use encompasses activities that range well beyond a mere compiling of numbers reported in the literature. Areas where data are lacking, conflicting or of insufficient accuracy need to be actively identified and tackled by well-focussed experiments, modelling and evaluation. Complete databases must be established that are capable of serving all needs and tailored to the appropriate computing codes through proper regard of such aspects of physics as thermal scattering, self-shielding, anisotropy and the Doppler effect. Validation and verification of these databases in benchmarks, mock-up tests and responding to feedback from users are crucial steps towards adoption of a new nuclear data library by the end-users.

Breakthroughs in experiments and theory are often the basis of technological progress. Recognizing this important fact, ND2016 will provide an appropriate forum for the communication of developments in fundamental nuclear physics research that may be beneficial to the nuclear data and allow interactions and exchange of experiences among the applications communities.

The organisers of ND2016 invite all scientists and engineers interested in one of the topics of the conference to present their insights and achievements. The organisers are encouraging young scientists and engineers to participate through a reduced conference fee.

This conference is part of a series of previous conferences organized in:

  • Harwell, UK (1978)
  • Antwerp, Belgium (1982)
  • Santa Fe, USA (1985)
  • Mito, Japan (1988)
  • Jülich, Germany (1991)
  • Gatlinburg, USA (1994)
  • Trieste, Italy (1997)
  • Tsukuba, Japan (2001)
  • Santa Fe, USA (2004)
  • Nice, France (2007)
  • Jeju island, South Korea (2010)
  • New York, USA (2013)