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Volume 219 (2019)

International Workshop on Particle Physics at Neutron Sources (PPNS 2018)

Grenoble, France, May 24–26, 2018
T. Jenke, S. Degenkolb, P. Geltenbort, M. Jentschel, V.V. Nesvizhevsky, D. Rebreyend, S. Roccia, T. Soldner, A. Stutz and O. Zimmer (Eds.)

ISBN: 978-2-7598-9082-8

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Statement of Peer review

50 years of Ultracold Neutrons

Searches for a Permanent Electric Dipole Moment

Measurements of the Free Neutron Lifetime

Studies of Neutron Beta Decay

Tests of Gravity, Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Neutron Optics

Neutron Oscillations

Searches for eV-Neutrinos

Searches for Time-Reversal-Violation in Nuclei

Instrumentation and Techniques