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Volume 260 (2022)

The 16th International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos (NIC-XVI)

Chengdu, China, September 21-25, 2021
W. Liu, Y. Wang, B. Guo, X. Tang and S. Zeng (Eds.)

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Statement of Peer review

Nuclear Reaction Rates and Stellar Abundances

Open Access

Proton partial widths evaluation through the 30Si(3He,d)31P transfer reaction for understanding abundance anomalies in Globular Clusters 01003


The s Process

Nuclear Properties for Astrophysics

High Density Matter

Novae and XRB

SNIa and the p Process

Core Collapse SN, Mergers and the r Process

Underground Nuclear Astrophysics

Galaxy Evolution

Inputs for Astrophysics


Open Access

First 80Se(n,γ) cross section measurement with high resolution in the full stellar energy range 1 eV - 100 keV and its astrophysical implications for the s-process 11026


Symposium Summary